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Jillian came in to celebrate her 1 year birthday in the studio with a Smash Cake Session. Jillian’s theme for her session was a Mardi Gras theme. I began her session with the formal 1 year old pictures. She wore a beautiful white and green dress and opted out quickly not to keep the bow on her head! Mom said just go for it, since that’s all her anyway, so we did. This is Jillian….


Jillian let me know right off that she was an explorer and I was going to stay busy! No problem….We just kept moving her in place and let her happily, and speedily crawl off…


Her mom got the best smiles out of her! Isn’t that little toothy grin absolutely adorable!?!

The Mardi Gras beads that mom brought along intrigued Jillian….1-year-old-birthday-sessionThe picture below is one of my favorites! Maybe the simplicity and her being so spontaneous, it just captures the essence of a child. 1-year-old-session

Jillian’s face says it all. OH the FUN!!

Mom had a cute outfit to go along with Jillian’s birthday theme personalized with her name.  She also made the adorable fabric banner in the background. mardi-gras-birthday-picturesJillian had a blast with the balloons! That was the funnest part of the session for her. She enjoyed hitting them and them coming back at her and bumping her in the face. mardi-gras-birthday

Now to smashing her lovely cake that mom had special ordered….

1-year-smash-cakeJillian wasn’t fond of getting very mess, as most babies aren’t. She was a very good sport though, and did try the icing. Cake-Smash-PhotographyAfter getting a bit messy she decided to use the icing on her hands to paint a picture on the floor. smash-cake-sessionBig kudos to mom! She literally bent over backwards when Jillian started to tire out just to get her distracted and happy again. The connection between them was a sweet one. I enjoyed this session and just witnessing the relationship between mother and baby.

Happy 1st Birthday Jillian